School of Nursing Service Portal

Welcome to the School of Nursing's Service portal! This website will allow you to request assistance for a number of different services offered throughout the School.
  • Nov

    With a novel academic year still underway, support for remote tools, alternative learning styles, hybrid education models, and additional needs are still important areas for consideration. Specific to Nursing, faculty should begin to peruse the online resources related to remote final exams.Final Exam Schedule According to Penn's preliminary exam...

  • Oct

    As many within the Nursing community are aware, Zoom is now an option for any live, synchronous sessions or meetings alongside the School's other videoconferencing platform offerings, such as BlueJeans and Teams. The addition of Zoom has enhanced the quality of remote classes for many, but it is still important...

  • Sep

    Although copyright in relation to online teaching materials has long been a topic of conversation at Penn, the rapid transition to remote teaching and learning in recent semesters has sparked newer fair use questions for navigating a socially distanced educational landscape. There are a number of requirements in the online...

  • Jun

    ADA Compliance

    As students across the University have unique, diverse needs that may require assistive technologies, faculty should understand Penn's accommodation process and the role that the Penn Nursing Online Learning team plays in facilitating many forms of accommodation for Nursing students. For optimal results, please make sure to involve our team...