School of Nursing Service Portal

Welcome to the School of Nursing's Service portal! This website will allow you to request assistance for a number of different services offered throughout the School.
  • Jun

    ADA Compliance

    As students across the University have unique, diverse needs that may require assistive technologies, faculty should understand Penn's accommodation process and the role that the Penn Nursing Online Learning team plays in facilitating many forms of accommodation for Nursing students. For optimal results, please make sure to involve our team...

  • May

    As there are many different tools students can use to create audio and video recordings and later upload to Canvas for an assignment, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of each one: Is the platform easy to use? Can a number of people log in at once? Does...

  • Oct

    Although the online test environment is much different from traditional paper-and-pencil testing in a classroom, faculty and staff at Penn Nursing have worked to ensure that the experience is identical in terms of academic efficiency and integrity. To establish a secure testing platform while preventing cheating of any kind, the...

  • Sep

    In today's tech-focused society, our desire for instant gratification often hinders the deeper thinking needed to trigger the cognitive state of "flow," a focused mental state conducive to productivity. However, studies show that using multimedia elements such as video in the classroom helps to amplify the learning process. According to...