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Adding Faculty & TAs to CIT and Canvas

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The Office of Academic Affairs asks for your support to help SON improve the quality of our course enrollment data, by following the best practices outlined below:

  • Begin all requests for new course faculty with your respective Department.  The Department Chairs and Managers notify the School Registrar which courses are being offered and which faculty are teaching each semester.  Faculty must have contracts and be in payroll to be able to add them to the Student Records System (SRS).  After entry to SRS, faculty will automatically feed into Canvas within one hour and will have access to Courses in Touch the next business day. 
  • Submit requests for TA additions to Canvas websites by emailing Nursing Registration at The School Registrar will add new TAs to your course section in our Student Records System (SRS). After entry in SRS, new enrollments will automatically feed into Canvas within one hour.
  • Submit any course faculty or TA removal requests to the email address above, so that SRS can be updated.
  • Submit all requests for Canvas course observers, designers, staff, and other special additions to the email address above. The Registration team will advise on the best method to add these individuals to your course site, and will collaborate directly with ITS staff as needed to fulfill your request.

These four small steps will help OAA and the Nursing School Registrar:

  • Ensure that Nursing academic course data is up-to-date every semester in SRS, which is the central source of academic course data for the University.
  • Provide students with accurate information about who is teaching their course.
  • Ensure compliance with federal FERPA laws regarding protection of and access to student academic records. 
  • Ensure the accuracy of end-of-semester course evaluations and course reporting.
  • Ensure that all faculty have access to Courses InTouch and other essential tools to manage their courses.
  • Guarantee continuity of course faculty/TA enrollments from semester to semester, and ensure that onboarding and off-boarding of enrollments reach all relevant Penn systems.

Nursing Information Technology Services and the Penn Libraries' Courseware Support team fully support OAA in this effort, and we ask that you join us in advancing this important data initiative.

Please reach out to Nursing Registration at with any questions.

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