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About REDCap

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) system is a central resource for data processing and management. REDCap is a web application and back-end database model developed at Vanderbilt University. As the front-end collection instrument is created, REDCap automatically creates a back end database designed to store the data that will be recorded from the research. 

Penn has licensed its own version of REDCap that is housed on our own password protected servers located within a data center inside the School of Nursing firewall and therefore are afforded the same network protections as other sensitive clinical systems. REDCap was developed specifically around HIPAA-Security guidelines with features such as data encryption and is recommended to Penn researchers by our Office of Human Research. It provides an intuitive interface for data entry with data validation, audit trails for tracking data manipulation and export procedures, automated export procedures for seamless data downloads to common statistical packages, including SAS, and procedures for importing data from external sources. 

As of December 2013, REDCap was in production use or prototype build-status for more than 94,000 studies spanning numerous research focus areas across a consortium of 912 active institutional partners. The University of Pennsylvania currently has over 2,448 REDCap users and is enrolling subjects in 873 active clinical studies (

Instructions and Documentation

You can access REDCap by logging in at using your SON username and password.

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For additional REDCap application support, please e-mail Jesse Chittams at or

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