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Sep 24 2019

Class Recordings: Using the Panopto Canvas Integration

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In today's tech-focused society, our desire for instant gratification often hinders the deeper thinking needed to trigger the cognitive state of "flow," a focused mental state conducive to productivity. However, studies show that using multimedia elements such as video in the classroom helps to amplify the learning process. According to German researchers Yousef, Chatti, and Schroeder (2014), an analysis of video-based research led them to discover that the use of video in online learning facilitates reflection for both teachers and students, attracting attention and motivating individuals to increase their collaboration.

As a result, many instructors have turned to video for inducing this learning "spark." In the School of Nursing, instructors have access to one important resource that can aid in the achievement of this goal. 

Panopto Canvas Integration

Panopto, a tool that enables screen and slide sharing along with webcam and voice-over recording, is integrated into a number of faculty members' course curriculums. For example, for courses that are entirely online, lecture recordings are embedded on course pages so that students can visualize their instructor alongside the accompanying slides in order to feel more involved when learning the material. 

To use this function, log in to your Canvas course and tap the "Class Recordings" tab shown here:


Here you can see your folder and any videos that are saved within this course. To add new content, click the blue "Create" button:


Next, choose to record a new session using a webcam and/or microphone, upload sessions that are already saved to your computer, or schedule a recording by selecting a remote recorder source located in a Fagin Hall classroom. (For more information on how to set this up, refer to this article.):


Important Note

However, if you do choose to incorporate video in your online courses, it is important to note that lecture videos do not carry over to the next course iteration. For example, when you request to copy your 2018C course into a new 2019C course, the video content will be visible in the course, but students will not have access to view the embedded content.

Since new students are enrolled in your class each year, the newer students will not have access to the older content. For this reason, you will need to copy the older video content into the newer course using the Panopto copying function. Once the videos are copied into the newer course and are accessible in the "Class Recordings" tab, then you will need to re-embed the videos on to the course pages or anywhere else they appear in the new Canvas course (for example, some faculty will embed videos into quizzes, so they will need to be re-embedded into the quizzes, as well). 

If you are unsure how to copy and re-embed videos, reach out to the instructional design team in Nursing ITS by emailing the service desk:

References: Yousef, Chatti, and Schroeder (2014). The State of Video-Based Learning: A Review and Future Perspectives. International Journal on Advances in Life Sciences, 6, 122-135.

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