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Oct 18 2018

Requesting a Panopto Recording

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For most students, having the ability to re-watch course lectures after the fact is incredibly beneficial. If content is difficult to understand or loaded with complex medical terminology, students can pause the lecture at different points to meet their learning needs. With this concept in mind, faculty can create and manage their video content using Panopto, a video platform that integrates with Canvas.

If you plan on using Panopto to record a lecture, you'll first have to request a recording.  To do this, access the Academic Event Recording Scheduling Form here: You'll be asked to provide instructor and full course information.

Some classrooms at Penn have special capabilities that allow you to have your class sessions automatically recorded. The Auditorium and Rooms 203, 213, and 218 use Panopto: 

In the Fagin Hall Auditorium and 218, you can record with audio and slide options only, as these rooms don't enable video.

In 203 and 213, you can record video and audio along with slides.

Wondering how to reserve these rooms? 

Email your requests.

Once the video recording occurs, your recordings will automatically be posted in your Class Recordings tab in Canvas:


If you want to record in rooms other than the four mentioned above, contact The service desk can help you utilize other recording options, such as BlueJeans or the Panopto Desktop Recorder.

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