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Oct 18 2018

New Turnitin Integration

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Plagiarism is a topic that faculty, staff, and students are all very familiar with, and instructors strive to prevent it from occurring in both the classroom and online environment. 

For this reason, a variety of tools exist that work to both catch and avert cheating and any deceptive behavior among students. One of these tools is the Turnitin LTI application. Turnitin has been active at Penn since 2016, and it is conveniently integrated with Canvas so that faculty members may view student submission originality reports as soon as a file is uploaded.

For those instructors who have used Turnitin prior to the Fall 2018 semester, the default Turnitin settings did not match normal Canvas assignment settings. Now, the submissions match what people are used to in Canvas, and the instructor can easily identify a Plagiarism Review section under Submission Type in the assignment settings (as long as the Submission Type is marked as Online):


For more information, visit the Canvas at Penn site pages that explain Turnitin CPF for Faculty/TA/Staff and Turnitin CPF for Students.

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