How to Request a Canvas Course

Need to request a Canvas course site? This article can help!

As an instructor, if you've ever contacted the Service Desk with questions about requesting a Canvas course, you have likely received this link as a resource: https://infocanvas.upenn.edu/guides/request-canvas-site/requesting-your-canvas-site/

The link contains instructions on how to fill out a course request form. You can access the form here: https://dla.library.upenn.edu/siterequest/.

To successfully fill out this form, keep these three steps in mind:

1. Locate your course. When you first access the course request form and login with your credentials, your homepage will show the sites you have requested and any existing Canvas sites. The courses for which you can request Canvas sites will be listed in the Courses section of the homepage.  To request a Canvas site, click on a course’s section number under Courses as shown below:


2. Customize your request and add sections as needed. Next, you can change the course site title, copy content from an existing course site, include multiple sections, add additional information, and request library services:

Image source: https://infocanvas.upenn.edu/guides/request-canvas-site/requesting-your-canvas-site/

Important note: When including multiple sections (e.g. a large Intro to Nursing course), double-check to make sure you're selecting the right sections, and be sure to select all of them. If you don’t see particular sections automatically listed for you, use the comments area to list any missing sections. 

Adding all sections to your Canvas site is the quickest and easiest way to ensure that everyone who needs access to the Canvas site gets enrolled in it automatically. If you're unsure what sections are included in a course, OAA can confirm this through the email listed here: registration@nursing.upenn.edu.

3.  Review enrollment and request additional services. After the site is created and enrollment is added:

And that's it! Completing three simple steps will get you started on the right foot for the upcoming semester.

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