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Allotting Extra Canvas Quiz Time for Students with Accommodations - Knowledgebase / Instructional Design & Learning Technology / Canvas - ITS Service Desk

Allotting Extra Canvas Quiz Time for Students with Accommodations

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As students with accommodation needs are often granted time and a half on exams, the online environment has adapted to meet this need. Canvas is fully equipped for granting extra exam time to individual students. To add time, follow the steps below:

1. Open Quiz - Select the quizzes tab and navigate to your quiz:


2. Edit Quiz - Select the edit button in the top right corner of the page:


3. Select Time Limit - Make sure to select the box for "Time Limit" and enter a limit in minutes for the class at large during this exam. This step must be completed in order for the "Moderate Quiz" section to show the option for "Extra time on every attempt.":

4. Save & Publish - Before you can make any changes to the Moderate Quiz section, you'll first need to Save & Publish your exam:


5. Moderate Quiz - In order to add the extra time, you'll first need to access the Moderate Quiz page:


6. Select Student - Find the student(s) who will need extra time, and select the pencil icon next to the name:


7. Add the Extra Time - Under "Extra Time on Every Attempt," specify the time and hit save:


For example, if the student receives time and a half on the exam and the original time for the exam is 75 minutes, the student will get 38 extra minutes.

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