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Apr 25 2017

AirPennNet-Guest Wireless Network

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On April 27, 2017 ISC will roll out an update to the AirPennNet Guest wireless network which will replace the current network.  The new system will streamline and improve registration, refresh aging infrastructure, and reduce or eliminate the administrative burden for special events.  Clients will not need to do anything to prepare for these changes. These changes will primarily affect anyone who uses the guest network and is not intended for faculty, staff and student use.  The most significant change is that guests will be required to register an email account with no dependency on having a PennKey.  

How to Connect:

  1.  Select the AirPennNet-Guest SSID
  2.  Open a browser
  3.  Review and accept the Acceptable Use Policy terms and conditions
  4.  Enter a valid email address
  5.  Click Submit



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