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Penn Nursing Faculty Orientation Canvas Site Access

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As part of the Penn Nursing community, our faculty have access to self-enroll in an online Canvas Catalog course that contains a number of valuable resources. As Canvas Catalog is separate from the ordinary Canvas instance, you will need to first create an account if you do not already have one in order to self-enroll.  From the Catalog dashboard, you will see a button to either log in if you have an active account or to register if this is your first time in Catalog:


Once you click the button to Login/Register, you'll see the following image where you can sign in with your already existing PennPath account or sign up with your Nursing email:


Depending on the link you use to access this site or any other Canvas Catalog site, you may also have the option to select "Other User" when signing in. To distinguish between the two, below is more information on the differences in account access.

PennPath: This is the current default account option for those who search and enroll in any of the open Canvas courses on Penn’s online platform:

Other Users: This was the default account option prior to August 2020

  • Anyone who created an account in Penn’s external-facing Canvas environment prior to August 2020 created what is now called an “Other Users” account. 
    • This includes anyone who had created an account to access any Preceptor content on Canvas
    • If you already have an Other Users account, signing up for PennPath will create a duplicate account that needs to be merged with the assistance of ITS
  • Currently, Other Users accounts get created if the platform administrators manually enroll/batch enroll any faculty directly into a specific site

Still have access questions? Reach out to for support.

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