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Classroom Recording Update: Zoom Rooms

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To better suit the needs of teaching and learning remotely, Classroom Technology Services has converted Panopto recording rooms (Auditorium, 203, 213, 218) into Zoom rooms. Moving forward, in-person classroom recordings will be conducted over Zoom and will no longer be scheduled or recorded through Panopto. This allows for greater flexibility of the built-in AV systems in the rooms.

When creating these Zoom recordings, you will need to schedule and start the meeting through your Canvas site so that the recording is automatically stored to the Class Recordings tab. The following step-by-step instructions serve to guide you through this process.

1. Once you log in to the classroom computer as usual using your PennKey username and School of Nursing password, open Google Chrome and navigate to


2. Next, log in to Canvas using your PennKey username and password and access your course's Canvas site from the dashboard shown below:


3. Once in your Canvas site, click on the Zoom tab to either access a previously scheduled course meeting or to create a new meeting for recording purposes:


4. Once the meeting is scheduled and after you've clicked the link to access the meeting (for example, if I clicked on Taylor's Mock-up Course shown in the image above), you'll then be prompted to open the computer's Zoom application. Click to Open Zoom Meetings:


5. Inside the Zoom meeting, you can click the Record button and select Record to the Cloud so that the class session will be saved to your Class Recordings tab in Canvas once the meeting concludes:


6. It's also important to note that you should check your audio and video settings prior to starting the recording to ensure the room's built-in AV systems are functioning properly:


7. During the class session, you can also share your screen, a particular computer application such as Microsoft PowerPoint, a whiteboard for annotation purposes, and even a video clip. For more information on screen sharing in Zoom, click here:


8. After you've finished teaching class, stop the recording and return to your Canvas site's Zoom tab to view and publish the recording. The meeting recording will eventually appear in your Class Recordings tab, as well:2054774MJQWHBJYCSMNNTJ0-ZoomRoom4.PNG

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