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How to Change Survey Permissions on Intranet - Knowledgebase / SharePoint - ITS Service Desk

How to Change Survey Permissions on Intranet

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Please make sure you are an administrator of the survey before attempting to make permissions changes.
1.  On the survey page, please click modify survey.  This is located on the left menu side under “Actions” as “Modify survey and questions.” 

2. Under General Settings on the Customer Survey Page, click on Change General Settings. 

3. On the next page, you will see “Item Level Permissions.”  This is where you will make the change as to what responses are viewable (only their own, or all) and you can set Edit access as well. 

4. When the wanted changes have been made, select OK.  This brings you back to the General Settings page, so to exit click “Go back to : (survey name)”

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