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Add/Update News item on Intranet - Knowledgebase / SharePoint - ITS Service Desk

Add/Update News item on Intranet

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To add a NEWS listing to the Intranet:

  1. Across the top of the main page of the intranet, Click "News"

  2. On left side, under Actions, click "Add News"

  3. Enter a Title

  4. Under Content, click "Add news listing by entering text" (or enter url of news source if online)

  5. Click "Open Text Editor" button and type or paste your content into the box.

  6. Enter Start/End dates if information is time sensitive.

  7. Under Location, click "Change Location" and make sure both "Home" and "News" is checked so that your item will appear in both places. If you only want it to appear under News you can skip this step.

  8. Click "OK" button at the bottom.

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